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Blog » Latest News » 5 Good Reasons Why You Should be at Osfest on the 28th May
11th May 2011

There are many things you could be planning for this forthcoming bank holiday weekend, you may be unfortunate enough to be going to a wedding, you already have a day out at Alton Towers planned or you may want to watch the Champions League final.

These are all reasons why you may not be joining one of the UK’s fastest growing music festivals. But for those who need a reason why they should be at Osfest on Saturday 28th May here are five good ones.

You hate Manchester United and everything the club stands for, or even football in general.

So if the thought of spending your evening watching overpaid sports stars battling out over an air filled ball doesn’t exactly fill you with excitement perhaps it might be worth investing in a ticket for Osfest to get away. This year’s final is a repeat of the 2009 final where Man U were comprensively outplayed by the same team, Barcelona, when arguably they weren’t as good as they are now. 

You love Manchester United and football in general

What could be better than watching the game on the big screen at Osfest. There, now you can have the best of both worlds and hopefully see an English team lift the trophy.

You can avoid the queues at Alton Towers

There is no doubt that Alton Towers is a fun place to go, but on a Bank Holiday Weekend? You’ll be spending most of the day queuing and that’s just to get in. Once inside Osfest you’ll be free roam around and won't have to queue for anything unless you want a burger and chips.

You need an excuse to get out of going to a wedding

Now we have nothing against weddings here at Osfest, but let’s face it the only people who enjoy weddings are the bride and groom, their families and best friends. The rest of us tend to go and show our faces at the night do, so what better excuse than to say you have a ticket for Osfest?

You have nothing else planned

Come on, it’s Bank Holiday, if you do nothing, you’ll have nothing to talk about on the following Tuesday. Get yourself a ticket and you’ll be talking about the performances of Tinchy Stryder, Example, Labyrinth and others for the rest of the week.   

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