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12th Apr 2011
Two acts appearing at this year’s Osfest began their rise to fame in the long hot summer of 76.

For those of you too young to remember the late 70s, this was the era of what became known as ‘New Wave’, which grouped together acts that experimented with punk rock, blending it with other styles including reggae, rhythm and blues.

Music from two bands that emerged from this movement, The Jam and The Boomtown Rats, has certainly stood the test of time, and although both acts have parted company with their charismatic lead singers, they can still turn in sell out performances that we are delighted to be able to experience at this year’s Osfest.

The Jam and The Boomtown Rats are poles apart when it comes to their music, but there are  some interesting parallels to be drawn in their history. Both groups had their chart debuts in 1977, and also released their first albums in this year.

I Don’t Like Mondays, released in 1979, remains the Boomtown Rats’ most famous song while Going Underground was released less than a year later by The Jam, the latter became a mod classic. But it wasn’t long before other commitments led to both bands splitting up by the mid-1980s following the loss of their lead singers, Weller, forming Style Council and Geldof launching a solo career following Band Aid.

Fortunately both bands reformed in 2007 and 2008, which means those of you who remember them can get a rare opportunity to re-live the music of these late 70s and early 80s masters. For those who don’t, prepare yourselves for some great performances at this years’ Osfest.    

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